About Us

Arno Home and Arno Go are registered trademarks of Şemsioğlu Mobilya Ltd. Şti.

Our firm has been producing home and young furniture in Torbalı, İzmir in a closed area of 28,000 m2 with a machine parkour of latest technology.

We deliver our products to our valuable customers through 300 selling points around Turkey.

We target for our designs to meet the expectations of right analysis and take each product at its own uniqueness to plan and manufacture with applicable details.

We design unique pieces by following new innovations and latest materials as well as considering physical, social and economic factors.

Our Main Principles are; – Team work, – Continuous improvement, – Being trustworthy, – Being respectable and respectful, – Being constructive, – Behaving self-confident, stable and determined, – Being well-meaning, compassionate and sharing, – Delivering every mission undertaken most perfectly and most economically, – Setting a good example with working discipline.

Our Vision & Mission

Being environment friendly, reassuring society, customers and employees of being trustworthy, accepting the legally stated ethical obligations as a binding condition, following up on the improving innovations and including them in designs and applications and creating every design based on ‘human’ by synthesizing determined needs with modernity, functionality and ergonomic necessities.

Going parallel with the changes and developments in our sector; with professional management, expert staff support and experienced service personnel; creating signature designs and applications based on the philosophy of “Freedom of Design”, being a dependable, trustworthy, respectable, constructive and leading institution and gaining the trust and satisfaction of our customers by targeting continuity.

Our Quality Policy

Always responding to the current and future needs, desires and expectations of our customers in the right and most qualified manner, increasing the satisfaction of our customers to the highest level, and doing all this in the most efficient way,

Creating and maintaining a working environment that will secure full commitment of our employees in order for our firm to reach all its aims as well as help them take responsibility in solving problems and feel proud of being a part of our establishment, Being a dependable company today and in the future like we were in the past, with complete participation and willingness of our employees,

Manufacturing our products within relevant regulations and standards, defining processes and interactions, following and measuring with periodic evaluations and continuously improving within regulations to be regulated in the future,

Making efficient decisions based on valid analysis conducted with data from right, reliable and accessible sources regarding our targets.

In the light of these principles, we do not only maintain our status but also adopt continuous improvement as our main philosophy and,

Set providing ABSOLUTE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as our main principle in our quality policy.

Our Health and Safety Policy

As Şemsioğlu Mobilya, we regard zero occupational accident and occupational disease as our most fundamental value. We recognize the superiority of Health and Safety priorities to our business priorities, also we see these priorities as part of our daily routine.

Training activities are organized to create and develop occupational health and safety awareness.

Human Resources

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